Tesro is a family run business, Peter Romer – Ex Walther retired at 55 when Walther was taken over, Peter decided to build a reliable pistol he wanted to shoot in match competition, Peter still competes, last year Peter finished second in German 50 metre prone using an SBR from his own factory.

The Tesro factory is based at Bachingen, Germany. The workshop is full of CNC machines / lathes enabling technical fabrication.

Peter’s son Daniel competes and runs the Tesro business allowing Peter to work on the SBR range and develop new models. Daniel spends a lot of time in the EU visiting national competitions to compete, but also to offer servicing facilities at the events.

Hannelore, Daniels wife does all the final assembly and test cards and signs each pistol or rifle off personally. She also looks after the office with Daniels Mum. Hannelore puts a 10 metre zero on each rifle / pistol before despatch then takes the dioptres off to package, get the product home put the sights on and it is zeroed.

Daniels Mum builds the trigger units mainly, which is why they are so good.

Daniels sister and her husband run Tesro Canada.

8 engineers hand finish the Aluminium parts / hand polish and Quality Control everything, even down to individual screws, which come from a family members company CNC machine’s that Daniel runs and is able to make every part needed on site except the woodwork which is made by Tirelli in Italy.

Quality control is manic, the Family are very proud of the products they make and protect the reputation for quality.

I fell in love with the Tesro range 4 years ago at IWA it took me 12 months to be allowed to buy a rifle and pistol, 12 months testing later, took on the agency.

I am now being shown how to service products, the only person outside the family who does this.

I am very proud to be allowed to work with the family to develop and sell this superb product range into the UK market.